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  • Reimer, Jana
    et al.
    Knoess, Sabine
    Labuhn, Maurice
    Charpentier, Emmanuelle M.
    Umeå universitet, Medicinska fakulteten, Molekylär Infektionsmedicin, Sverige (MIMS). Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany.
    Goehring, Gudrun
    Schlegelberger, Brigitte
    Klusmann, Jan-Henning
    Heckl, Dirk
    CRISPR-Cas9-induced t(11;19)/MLL-ENL translocations initiate leukemia in human hematopoietic progenitor cells in vivo2017Inngår i: Haematologica, ISSN 0390-6078, E-ISSN 1592-8721, Vol. 102, nr 9, 1558-1566 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Chromosomal translocations that generate oncogenic fusion proteins are causative for most pediatric leukemias and frequently affect the MLL/ KMT2A gene. In vivo modeling of bona fide chromosomal translocations in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells is challenging but essential to determine their actual leukemogenic potential. We therefore developed an advanced lentiviral CRISPR-Cas9 vector that efficiently transduced human CD34(+) hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and induced the t(11; 19)/MLL-ENL translocation. Leveraging this system, we could demonstrate that hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells harboring the translocation showed only a transient clonal growth advantage in vitro. In contrast, t(11; 19)/MLL-ENL-harboring CD34(+) hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells not only showed longterm engraftment in primary immunodeficient recipients, but t(11; 19)/ MLL-ENL also served as a first hit to initiate a monocytic leukemia-like disease. Interestingly, secondary recipients developed acute lymphoblastic leukemia with incomplete penetrance. These findings indicate that environmental cues not only contribute to the disease phenotype, but also to t(11; 19)/ MLL-ENL-mediated oncogenic transformation itself. Thus, by investigating the true chromosomal t(11; 19) rearrangement in its natural genomic context, our study emphasizes the importance of environmental cues for the pathogenesis of pediatric leukemias, opening an avenue for novel treatment options.

  • Offermans, Nicolas
    et al.
    KTH, Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI), Mekanik.
    Marin, Oana
    Schanen, Michel
    Gong, Jing
    Fischer, Paul
    Schlatter, Philipp
    Obabko, Aleks
    Peplinski, Adam
    Hutchinson, Maxwell
    Merzari, Elia
    On the Strong Scaling of the Spectral Element Solver Nek5000 on Petascale Systems2016Rapport (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    The present work is targeted at performing a strong scaling study of the high-order spectral element fluid dynamics solver Nek5000. Prior studies indicated a recommendable metric for strong scalability from a theoretical viewpoint, which we test here extensively on three parallel machines with different performance characteristics and interconnect networks, namely Mira (IBM Blue Gene/Q), Beskow (Cray XC40) and Titan (Cray XK7). The test cases considered for the simulations correspond to a turbulent flow in a straight pipe at four different friction Reynolds numbers equal to 180, 360, 550 and 1000. Considering the linear model for parallel communication we quantify the machine characteristics in order to better assess the scaling behaviors of the code. Subsequently sampling and profiling tools are used to measure the computation and communication times over a large range of compute cores. We also study the effect of the two coarse grid solvers XXT and AMG on the computational time. Super-linear scaling due to a reduction in cache misses is observed on each computer. The strong scaling limit is attained for roughly 5,000 - 10, 000 degrees of freedom per core on Mira, 30, 000 - 50, 0000 on Beskow, with only a small impact of the problem size for both machines, and ranges between 10, 000 and 220, 000 depending on the problem size on Titan. This work aims at being a reference for Nek5000 users and also serves as a basis for potential issues to address as the community heads towards exascale supercomputers.

  • Dareiotis, Konstantinos
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Matematisk-datavetenskapliga sektionen, Matematiska institutionen, Analys och sannolikhetsteori.
    Symmetrization of exterior parabolic problems and probabilistic interpretation2017Inngår i: STOCHASTICS AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS-ANALYSIS AND COMPUTATIONS, ISSN 2194-0401, Vol. 5, nr 1, 38-52 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    We prove a comparison theorem for the spatial mass of the solutions of two exterior parabolic problems, one of them having symmetrized geometry, using approximation of the Schwarz symmetrization by polarizations, as it was introduced in Brock and Solynin (TransAmMath Soc 352(4): 1759-1796, 2000). This comparison provides an alternative proof, based on PDEs, of the isoperimetric inequality for the Wiener sausage, which was proved in Peres and Sousi (Geom Funct Anal 22(4): 10001014, 2012).

  • Journath, Gunilla
    et al.
    Karolinska Inst, Karolinska Univ Hosp, Dept Med, Cardiol Unit, Stockholm, Sweden..
    Hambraeus, Kristina
    Falun Cent Hosp, Dept Cardiol, Falun, Sweden..
    Hagström, Emil
    Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, centrumbildningar mm, Uppsala kliniska forskningscentrum (UCR). Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Kardiologi.
    Pettersson, Billie
    Amgen Inc, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA..
    Lothgren, Mickael
    Amgen Europe GmbH, Zug, Switzerland..
    Predicted impact of lipid lowering therapy on cardiovascular and economic outcomes of Swedish atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease guideline2017Inngår i: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, ISSN 1471-2261, E-ISSN 1471-2261, Vol. 17, 224Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Background: The effects on cardiovascular disease (CVD) by treatment recommendations on prevention of atherosclerotic CVD remain to be evaluated. The objectives were to assess treatment gap for low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) according to guidelines, potential impact on CVD outcomes, and possible avoided economic costs, in post myocardial infarction (MI) patients, if target LDL-C levels of <= 1.8 mmol/L would be achieved. Methods: All patients registered in the Swedish Secondary Prevention after Heart Intensive care Admission register, with one-year post-MI follow-up during 2013 were selected. The REACH risk prediction and a calibrated model for recurrent cardiovascular events and death were used to estimate unadjusted risk prediction based on the REACH equation henceforth called base case, and calibrated CVD outcomes based on gender-specific risk factors. The predicted impact of the LDL-C reduction on the risk of CVD was based on the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists' Collaboration findings. Results: A sample of n = 5904 patients (74% men) with a mean age of 64 years were included. Around 70% did not reach LDL-C target = 1.8 mmol/L. Over a 10-year period, 820-2262 events were predicted to occur in those who did not reach target corresponding to 20%-55% risk of CVD events. To achieve LDL-C target, the mean LDL-C had to be reduced by 0.73 mmol/L (29%). If this LDL-C reduction was achieved, 195-544 life years, 132-343 CVD events, and 7.9-20.9 million Swedish crowns (MSEK) of direct costs, and 19.3-51.0 MSEK of total costs would be avoided. Conclusion: Lowering of LDL cholesterol to achieve target levels according to guidelines for post-MI patients may lead to fewer cardiovascular events and avoidance of event costs.

  • Disputas: 2017-12-04 13:15 Room 80101, Uppsala
    Elamalayil Soman, Deepak
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Tekniska sektionen, Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper, Elektricitetslära.
    Multilevel Power Converters with Smart Control for Wave Energy Conversion2017Doktoravhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    The main focus of this thesis is on the power electronic converter system challenges associated with the grid integration of variable-renewable-energy (VRE) sources like wave, marine current, tidal, wind, solar etc. Wave energy conversion with grid integration is used as the key reference, considering its high energy potential to support the future clean energy requirements and due the availability of a test facility at Uppsala University. The emphasis is on the DC-link power conditioning and grid coupling of direct driven wave energy converters (DDWECs). The DDWEC reflects the random nature of its input energy to its output voltage wave shape. Thereby, it demands for intelligent power conversion techniques to facilitate the grid connection.

    One option is to improve and adapt an already existing, simple and reliable multilevel power converter technology, using smart control strategies. The proposed WECs to grid interconnection system consists of uncontrolled three-phase rectifiers, three-level boost converter(TLBC) or three-level buck-boost converter (TLBBC) and a three-level neutral point clamped (TLNPC) inverter. A new method for pulse delay control for the active balancing of DC-link capacitor voltages by using TLBC/TLBBC is presented. Duty-ratio and pulse delay control methods are combined for obtaining better voltage regulation at the DC-link and for achieving higher controllability range. The classic voltage balancing problem of the NPC inverter input, is solved efficiently using the above technique. A synchronous current compensator is used for the NPC inverter based grid coupling. Various results from both simulation and hardware testing show that the required power conditioning and power flow control can be obtained from the proposed multilevel multistage converter system.

    The entire control strategies are implemented in Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA, inside National Instruments’ CompactRIO system using LabVIEW. A contour based dead-time harmonic analysis method for TLNPC and the possibilities of having various interconnection strategies of WEC-rectifier units to complement the power converter efforts for stabilizing the DC-link, are also presented. An advanced future AC2AC direct power converter system based on Modular multilevel converter (MMC) structure developed at Siemens AG is presented briefly to demonstrate the future trends in this area.

  • Eriksson, Daniel
    et al.
    Quantify Res, Hantverkargatan 8, S-11221 Stockholm, Sweden..
    Karlsson, Linda
    Quantify Res, Hantverkargatan 8, S-11221 Stockholm, Sweden..
    Eklund, Oskar
    Quantify Res, Hantverkargatan 8, S-11221 Stockholm, Sweden..
    Dieperink, Hans
    Odense Univ Hosp, Dept Nephrol, Sdr Blvd 29, DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark..
    Honkanen, Eero
    Univ Helsinki, Cent Hosp, Dept Med, Div Nephrol, Haartmaninkatu 4,POB 372, FIN-00029 Hus Helsinki, Finland..
    Melin, Jan
    Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Njurmedicin.
    Selvig, Kristian
    Vestre Viken Hosp Trust, Dept Nephrol, Postboks 800 3004, Drammen, Norway..
    Lundberg, Johan
    Otsuka Pharma Scandinavia, Birger Jarlsgatan 27, S-11145 Stockholm, Sweden..
    Real-world costs of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in the Nordics2017Inngår i: BMC Health Services Research, ISSN 1472-6963, E-ISSN 1472-6963, Vol. 17, 560Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Background: There is limited real-world data on the economic burden of patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). The objective of this study was to estimate the annual direct and indirect costs of patients with ADPKD by severity of the disease: chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 1-3; CKD stages 4-5; transplant recipients; and maintenance dialysis patients. Methods: A retrospective study of ADPKD patients was undertaken April-December 2014 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Data on medical resource utilisation were extracted from medical charts and patients were asked to complete a self-administered questionnaire. Results: A total of 266 patients were contacted, 243 (91%) of whom provided consent to participate in the study. Results showed that the economic burden of ADPKD was substantial at all levels of the disease. Lost wages due to reduced productivity were large in absolute terms across all disease strata. Mean total annual costs were highest in dialysis patients, driven by maintenance dialysis care, while the use of immunosuppressants was the main cost component for transplant care. Costs were twice as high in patients with CKD stages 4-5 compared to CKD stages 1-3. Conclusions: Costs associated with ADPKD are significant and the progression of the disease is associated with an increased frequency and intensity of medical resource utilisation. Interventions that can slow the progression of the disease have the potential to lead to substantial reductions in costs for the treatment of ADPKD.

  • Disputas: 2017-12-08 10:15 Room 2446, TDB, Uppsala
    Dorostkar, Ali
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Matematisk-datavetenskapliga sektionen, Institutionen för informationsteknologi, Avdelningen för beräkningsvetenskap. Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Matematisk-datavetenskapliga sektionen, Institutionen för informationsteknologi, Numerisk analys.
    Analysis and Implementation of Preconditioners for Prestressed Elasticity Problems: Advances and Enhancements2017Doktoravhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    In this work, prestressed elasticity problem as a model of the so-called glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) process is studied. The model problem is described by a set of partial differential equations (PDE) and discretized with a mixed finite element (FE) formulation. In the presence of prestress the so-constructed system of equations is non-symmetric and indefinite. Moreover, the resulting system of equations is of the saddle point form.

    We focus on a robust and efficient block lower-triangular preconditioning method, where the lower diagonal block is and approximation of the so-called Schur complement. The Schur complement is approximated by the so-called element-wise Schur complement. The element-wise Schur complement is constructed by assembling exact local Schur complements on the cell elements and distributing the resulting local matrices to the global preconditioner matrix.

    We analyse the properties of the element-wise Schur complement for the symmetric indefinite system matrix and provide proof of its quality. We show that the spectral radius of the element-wise Schur complement is bounded by the exact Schur complement and that the quality of the approximation is not affected by the domain shape.

    The diagonal blocks of the lower-triangular preconditioner are combined with inner iterative schemes accelerated by (numerically) optimal and robust algebraic multigrid (AMG) preconditioner. We observe that on distributed memory systems, the top pivot block of the preconditioner is not scaling satisfactorily. The implementation of the methods is further studied using a general profiling tool, designed for clusters.

    For nonsymmetric matrices we use the theory of Generalized Locally Toeplitz (GLT) matrices and show the spectral behavior of the element-wise Schur complement, compared to the exact Schur complement. Moreover, we use the properties of the GLT matrices to construct a more efficient AMG preconditioner. Numerical experiments show that the so-constructed methods are robust and optimal.

  • Ren, Mengying
    et al.
    Fang, Xin
    Li, Mei
    Sun, Sun
    Umeå universitet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin, Epidemiologi och global hälsa. Health Outcomes and Economic Evaluation Research Group, Department of Learning, Information, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet, 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden.
    Pei, Lu
    Xu, Qun
    Ye, Xiaofei
    Cao, Yang
    Concentration-response relationship between PM2.5 and daily respiratory deaths in China: a systematic review and metaregression analysis of time-series studies2017Inngår i: BioMed Research International, ISSN 2314-6133, E-ISSN 2314-6141, 5806185Artikkel, forskningsoversikt (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    The association between the particulate matters with aerodynamic diameter <= 2.5.mu m (PM2.5) and daily respiratory deaths, particularly the concentration-response pattern, has not been fully examined and established in China. We conducted a systematic review of time-series studies to compile information on the associations between PM2.5 concentration and respiratory deaths and used metaregression to assess the concentration-response relationship. Out of 1,957 studies screened, eleven articles in English and two articles in Chinese met the eligibility criteria. For single-day lags, per 10 mu g/m(3) increase in PM2.5 concentration was associated with 0.30 [95% confidence interval (CI): 0.10, 0.50] percent increase in daily respiratory deaths; for multiday lags, the corresponding increase in respiratory deaths was 0.69 (95% CI: 0.55, 0.83) percent. Difference in the effects was observed between the northern cities and the south cities in China. No statistically significant concentration-response relationship between PM2.5 concentrations and their effects was found. With increasingly wider location coverage for PM2.5 data, it is crucial to further investigate the concentration-response pattern of PM2.5 effects on respiratory and other cause-specific mortality for the refinement and adaptation of global and national air quality guidelines and targets.

  • Holm, Jonas
    et al.
    Orebro Univ, Sch Med Sci, Orebro, Sweden..
    Brus, Ole
    Orebro Univ, Sch Med Sci, Clin Epidemiol & Biostat, Orebro, Sweden..
    Båve, Ullvi
    Karolinska Inst, Dept Clin Neurosci, Stockholm, Sweden..
    Landen, Mikael
    Karolinska Inst, Dept Med Epidemiol & Biostat, Stockholm, Sweden.;Gothenburg Univ, Sahlgrenska Acad, Inst Neurosci & Physiol, Gothenburg, Sweden..
    Lundberg, Johan
    Karolinska Inst, Dept Clin Neurosci, Ctr Psychiat Res, Stockholm, Sweden..
    Nordanskog, Pia
    Linkoping Univ, Dept Clin & Expt Med, Ctr Social & Affect Neurosci, Fac Hlth Sci, Linkoping, Sweden.;Reg Ostergotland, Dept Psychiat, Linkoping, Sweden..
    von Knorring, Lars
    Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för neurovetenskap, Psykiatri, Akademiska sjukhuset.
    Nordenskjöld, Axel
    Orebro Univ, Sch Med Sci, Orebro, Sweden..
    Improvement of cycloid psychosis following electroconvulsive therapy2017Inngår i: Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, ISSN 0803-9488, E-ISSN 1502-4725, Vol. 71, nr 6, 405-410 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Background: The treatment of choice for cycloid psychosis has traditionally been electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), but there is a lack of studies on its effectiveness.

    Aims: The primary aim of this register study was to determine the rates of remission and response after ECT for cycloid psychosis. The secondary aim was to examine possible predictors of outcome.

    Methods: Data were obtained from the National Quality Register for ECT in Sweden. The study population was patients (n=42) who received ECT for acute polymorphic psychotic disorder without symptoms of schizophrenia or for cycloid psychosis between 2011-2015 in 13 hospitals. Remission and response rates were calculated using Clinical Global Impression-Severity (CGI-S) and -Improvement scores, respectively. Variables with possible predictive value were tested using Chi-square and Fisher's exact test.

    Results: The response rate was 90.5%. The remission rate was 45.2%. Of 42 patients, 40 improved their CGI-S score after ECT (p<0.001). The mean number of ECT treatments was 2.5 for non-responders and 7.0 for responders (p=0.010). The mean number of ECT treatments did not differ significantly between remitters and non-remitters (7.2 vs 6.1, p=0.31). None of the other investigated potential predictors was statistically significantly associated with outcome.

    Conclusions: ECT is an effective treatment for cycloid psychosis. Future studies need to compare the outcome of ECT to that of other treatment strategies. Clinical implications: The high response rate with ECT indicates that cycloid psychosis is a clinically useful diagnosis.

  • Kovach, Kristin
    et al.
    Davis-Fields, Megan
    Irie, Yasuhiko
    Umeå universitet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för molekylärbiologi (Medicinska fakulteten). Department of Biology and Biochemistry, The University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, UK.
    Jain, Kanishk
    Doorwar, Shashvat
    Vuong, Katherine
    Dhamani, Numa
    Mohanty, Kishore
    Touhami, Ahmed
    Gordon, Vernita D.
    Evolutionary adaptations of biofilms infecting cystic fibrosis lungs promote mechanical toughness by adjusting polysaccharide production2017Inngår i: NPJ BIOFILMS AND MICROBIOMES, ISSN 2055-5008, Vol. 3, UNSP 1Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Biofilms are communities of microbes embedded in a matrix of extracellular polymeric substances, largely polysaccharides. Multiple types of extracellular polymeric substances can be produced by a single bacterial strain. The distinct polymer components of biofilms are known to provide chemical protection, but little is known about how distinct extracellular polysaccharides may also protect biofilms against mechanical stresses such as shear or phagocytic engulfment. Decades-long infections of Pseudomonas. aeruginosa biofilms in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients are natural models for studies of biofilm fitness under pressure from antibiotics and the immune system. In cystic fibrosis infections, production of the extracellular polysaccharide alginate has long been known to increase with time and to chemically protect biofilms. More recently, it is being recognized that chronic cystic fibrosis infections also evolve to increase production of another extracellular polysaccharide, Psl; much less is known about Psl's protective benefits to biofilms. We use oscillatory bulk rheology, on biofilms grown from longitudinal clinical isolates and from genetically-manipulated lab strains, to show that increased Psl stiffens biofilms and increases biofilm toughness, which is the energy cost to cause the biofilm to yield mechanically. Further, atomic force microscopy measurements reveal greater intercellular cohesion for higher Psl expression. Of the three types of extracellular polysaccharides produced by P. aeruginosa, only Psl increases the stiffness. Stiffening by Psl requires CdrA, a protein that binds to mannose groups on Psl and is a likely cross-linker for the Psl components of the biofilm matrix. We compare the elastic moduli of biofilms to the estimated stresses exerted by neutrophils during phagocytosis, and infer that increased Psl could confer a mechanical protection against phagocytic clearance.

  • Holm, Fanny
    Umeå universitet, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Juridiska institutionen.
    Lärdomar av disputationer2017Inngår i: Jubileumsskrift till Juridiska institutionen 40 år / [ed] Örjan Edström, Johan Lindholm & Ruth Mannelqvist, Umeå: Juridiska institutionen, Umeå universitet , 2017, 133-142 s.Kapittel i bok, del av antologi (Annet vitenskapelig)
  • Gunnarsson, Martin
    et al.
    RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, ICT, SICS.
    Andersson, Tobias
    RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, ICT, SICS.
    Seitz, Ludwig
    RISE., Swedish ICT, SICS, Security Lab.
    Performance and overhead evaluation of OSCOAP and DTLS2017Rapport (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    In this report we compare the OSCOAP protocol to CoAP overDTLS-PSK to evaluate their performance in constrained devices

  • Mostowski, Wojciech
    et al.
    Högskolan i Halmstad, Akademin för informationsteknologi, Halmstad Embedded and Intelligent Systems Research (EIS), Centrum för forskning om inbyggda system (CERES).
    Arts, Thomas
    QuviQ AB, Göteborg, Sweden.
    Hughes, John
    Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden & QuviQ AB, Göteborg, Sweden.
    Modelling of Autosar Libraries for Large Scale Testing2017Inngår i: 2nd Workshop on Models for Formal Analysis of Real Systems (MARS 2017) / [ed] Holger Hermanns & Peter Höfner, 2017, Vol. 244, 184-199 s.Konferansepaper (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    We demonstrate a specific method and technology for model-based testing of large software projects with the QuickCheck tool using property-based specifications. Our specifications are very precise, state-full models of the software under test (SUT). In our approach we define (a) formal descriptions of valid function call sequences (public API), (b) postconditions that check the validity of each call, and (c) call-out specifications that define and validate external system interactions (SUT calling external API). The QuickCheck tool automatically generates and executes tests from these specifications. Commercially, this method and tool have been used to test large parts of the industrially developed automotive libraries based on the Autosar standard. In this paper, we exemplify our approach with a circular buffer specified by Autosar, to demonstrate the capabilities of the model-based testing method of QuickCheck. Our example is small compared to the commercial QuickCheck models, but faithfully addresses many of the same challenges. © W. Mostowski, T. Arts, J. Hughes.

  • Jaafar, Gona
    et al.
    Hammarqvist, Folke
    Enochsson, Lars
    Umeå universitet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för kirurgisk och perioperativ vetenskap.
    Sandblom, Gabriel
    Patient-Related Risk Factors for Postoperative Infection After Cholecystectomy2017Inngår i: World Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, E-ISSN 1432-2323, Vol. 41, nr 9, 2240-2244 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Background: The impact of patient-related risk factors on the incidence of postoperative infection after cholecystectomy is relatively unknown.

    Aim: The aim of this study was to explore potential patient-related risk factors for surgical site infection (SSI) and septicaemia following cholecystectomy.

    Materials and methods: All cholecystectomies registered in the Swedish national population-based register for Gallstone Surgery and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (GallRiks) 2006–2014 were identified. The study cohort was cross-matched with the Swedish National Patient Register in order to obtain data on patient history and postoperative infections. Simple and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed in order to assess the impact of various comorbidities on the risk for SSI and septicaemia.

    Results: A total of 94,557 procedures were registered. A SSI was seen following 5300 procedures (5.6%), and septicaemia following 661 procedures (0.7%). There was a significantly increased risk for SSI in patients with connective tissue disease (odds ratio [OR] 1.404, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.208–1.633), complicated diabetes (OR 1.435, CI 1.205–1.708), uncomplicated diabetes (OR 1.391, CI 1.264–1.530), chronic kidney disease (OR 1.788, CI 1.458–2.192), cirrhosis (OR 1.764, CI 1.268–2.454) and obesity (OR 1.630, CI 1.475–1.802). There was a significantly higher risk for septicaemia in patients with chronic kidney disease (OR 3.065, CI 2.120–4.430) or cirrhosis (OR 5.016, CI 3.019–8.336).

    Conclusion and discussion: Certain comorbidities have an impact on the risk for postoperative infection after cholecystectomy, especially SSI. This should be taken into account when planning the procedure and when deciding on prophylactic antibiotic treatment.

  • Disputas: 2017-12-01 10:00 FÖ5, Falun
    Hunter Lindqvist, Steven
    Högskolan Dalarna, Akademin Utbildning, hälsa och samhälle, Pedagogiskt arbete. Karlstads universitet, Institutionen för pedagogiska studier.
    What and How Students Perceive They Learn When Doing Mini-Companies in Upper Secondary School2017Licentiatavhandling, monografi (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    The aim of this study is to gain more in-depth knowledge into what Swedish upper secondary school students perceive they learn, and the factors that students perceive affect learning, when they start and run mini-companies within the Junior Achievement Company Program.  The data is comprised of interviews with eleven students each of whom ran a mini-company with other students. Situated learning theory, experiential learning theory and theoretical concepts on reflection in learning were used to analyze and further understand the data.

    The results reveal that the students talk about, and appear to convey, equal importance upon learning general skills as learning business skills when doing their mini-companies. Students describe using general skills they improved while running their mini-companies in other school activities and non-school activities leading to better performance in these activities. Doing business activities triggers learning and provides students with an opportunity to further develop, and learn multiple aspects, of skills.

    Students identify many factors, such as time, autonomy, assessment, and deadlines, which they associate with their mini-companies. On the whole, they say these factors have a positive effect on learning both business and general skills, however some factors can also inhibit learning. An analysis of all the factors students identified reveals that they originate, or are influenced by, multiple contexts such as school, the Swedish Junior Achievement organization, and the business environment. Together these factors can be said to create a special school community of practice for their mini-company project. Students point out significant differences between their mini-company project, and other school projects they have previously done, thus providing valuable insight into the importance of project design in relation to learning skills and possible pedagogical implications regarding learning general skills in other school projects.

  • Öhman, Susanna
    Mittuniversitetet, Fakulteten för humanvetenskap, Avdelningen för samhällsvetenskap.
    Previous Experiences and Risk Perception: The Role of Transference2017Inngår i: Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, ISSN 2456-981X, Vol. 23, nr 1, 1-10 s., 35101Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Aims: The aim of the article is to investigate how experiences of crisis such as accidents, illnesses, violence and natural catastrophes influence perceptions of risk in general. The questions this article poses are whether there are some experiences significant enough to change an individual’s perception not only of the kind of risk experienced but also of other kinds of risks and whether there are certain experiences that are particularly powerful.

    Study Design, Place and Duration of Study:The analyses use data from two Swedish national

    surveys, ‘Society and Values’, that took the form of mail polls conducted in the winters of 2005 and 2008. Both polls used questionnaires that focus on risk perception, risk communication, risk behavior, experience, and values. The dataset used each year is composed of two representative samples of the Swedish population.

    Methodology: The samples consisted of people between the ages of 16 and 75: two national

    random samples (n=2000 each) and two random samples of people living in areas with a relatively large population of people with foreign backgrounds (n=750 each). The total number of respondents was 1,472 in 2005 and 951 in 2008.

    Results: The results show that previous experience is a strong predictor of higher risk perception even after controlling for gender, origin, income, education and values. Depending on previous experiences of certain hazards and crises, the individual’s perception of risks related to these experiences will vary.

    Conclusion: This article has shown that different categories of experiences are powerful to

    transfer the feeling of dislike or fear not only to the related risk but also to other kinds of risk. One example is, being the victim of violence increases the level of risk perceived not only for violence but for several lifestyle risks and known risks as well.

  • Carlén, Björn
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    Landbaserade godstransporter, klimat och styrmedel: underlagsrapporter 1-102014Rapport (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [sv]

    VTI notat 28-2014 innehåller de tio underlagsrapporter som ligger till grund för VTI rapport 831: ”Landbaserade godstransporter, klimat och styrmedel – Sammanfattande rapport”. I VTI rapport 831 diskuterar forskarna flera dimensioner av hur växthusgaserna från godstransportsektorn ska kunna minskas, till exempel med hjälp av så kallade Gröna korridorer. Vidare diskuteras hur man ska se på de klimatpolitiska konsekvenserna av överflyttning från väg till järnväg eller elektrifierade fordon på väg.

  • Henriksson, Fredrik
    et al.
    Linköpings universitet, Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling, Maskinkonstruktion. Linköpings universitet, Tekniska fakulteten.
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    Linköpings universitet, Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling, Maskinkonstruktion. Linköpings universitet, Tekniska fakulteten.
    Including Student Case Projects in Integrated Product and Production Development Research – Methodology Description and Discussion2016Konferansepaper (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    Within integrated product and production development research, casestudies needto be performed for data gathering purposes. Today, there are two commonly used ways to perform this research; observingindustry projects orhaving the researchers perform the projects themselves. The first option can pose data access and IPRissues, and the second optioncomes with biasing risks. Another approach is to work with studentcaseprojects, givingstudents interesting projects and findinga solution to mediate both data gathering opportunity and biasing risks. This approach has been tested at Linköping University, with students performing projects in the Vinnovafunded Production 2030 –Large Scale Production in Mixed Materials project. Two larger student case projects have been performed on the topic of material substitution and mixed material solutions within the automotive industry.In this paper, the method used to include student projects is presented along with identified benefits and drawbacks. Including student case projects in research have shown to be beneficial in research on processes, projects and methodology, but needs to be complemented by data fromindustry projects and the researcher ́s own work within integrated product and production development in order to create a more reliable analysis with high level of detail.

  • Disputas: 2017-12-04 10:00 E1405 (Gjuterisalen), Jönköping
    Hellström, Kristina
    Högskolan i Jönköping, Tekniska Högskolan, JTH, Material och tillverkning.
    Density variations during solidification of lamellar graphite iron2017Licentiatavhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
  • Disputas: 2017-12-08 10:00 FA31, Stockholm
    Lindgren, Gustav
    KTH, Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI), Tillämpad fysik, Laserfysik.
    Studies on Domain Wall Properties andDynamics in KTiOPO4 and Rb-doped KTiOPO42017Doktoravhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    KTiOPO4 (KTP) and Rb-doped KTP (RKTP) are two of the most attractive nonlinear opticalmaterials for engineering of periodically poled domain structures, commonly used as frequencyconversiondevices for laser radiation via the quasi-phase matching (QPM) technique. Thesematerials have excellent non-linearity, wide transparency windows and high resistance to opticaldamage. Furthermore their large domain-velocity anisotropy allows the fabrication of highaspect-ratio domain structures, needed for many QPM applications. To create highly efficientdevices, precise control over the structure uniformity and duty-cycle is required. Constantimprovement of the domain engineering techniques has allowed pushing the limits of theachievable domain aspect-ratio. For this development to continue, a deeper understanding of theformation dynamics and stability of the domain gratings is of utmost importance. As the domainsizein nanostructured devices decreases, the density of the domains walls (DWs) increases andtheir properties are ever more important for device performance. Indeed, more knowledge on thedomain wall properties, and the means to engineer them, could enable new applicationsexploiting these properties.This thesis presents studies on domain wall properties and dynamics in KTP and RKTP. Thesub-millisecond dynamics of grating formation in RKTP under an applied electric field has beenstudied in the high-field regime using online second harmonic generation. The effects ofdifferent pulse shapes were compared and single triangular pulses were found to be superior interms of the resulting grating quality.The high-temperature stability of domain gratings was investigated. The domain wall motioninduced by annealing was shown to be highly anisotropic along the a- and b-crystal axes, anddependent on the period of the grating period.The local charge transportation at the domains and domain walls in KTP was characterized usingatomic force microscopy, demonstrating a fourfold increase of conductivity at the walls.Voltage-cycling measurements revealed memristive-like characteristics, attributed to the effectof ionic motion and local charge accumulation. The enhanced conductivity of charged domainwalls was used as an imaging tool, to study domain wall dynamics while inducing motionthrough the application of an external field.Finally, the interplay between ionic motion, spontaneous polarization and polarization reversalwas investigated, showing direct evidence of elastic modulus modification during localpolarization switching.

  • Vesakoski, Jenni-Mari
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    Mittuniversitetet, Fakulteten för humanvetenskap, Avdelningen för hälsovetenskap.
    Hansen, Elisabeth
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    Nord University, Norway; NTNU, Norway.
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    Ambiguity among Managers in Small-Scale Enterprises: How to Handle Business and Workplace Health Management2017Inngår i: Societies, ISSN 1090-9389, E-ISSN 2075-4698, Vol. 7, nr 31, 1-17 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Despite extensive research on health in working life, few studies focus on this issue from the perspective of managers in small-scale enterprises (SSEs). To gain deeper knowledge of managers’ perceptions and strategies for dealing with workplace health management, 13 Norwegian and Swedish SSE managers were interviewed after participating in a workplace health development project. The methodical approach was based on Grounded Theory with a constructivist orientation. The main theme that emerged was ‘ambiguity in workplace health management and maintaining the business’, which was related to the categories ‘internal workplace settings’, ‘workplace surroundings’,and ‘leadership strategies’. The managers experienced ambiguity due to internal and external demands. These requirements were linked to the core challenges in dealing with multitasking leadership, financial decision-making, labour legislation, staff development and maintaining business. However, the managers developed new skills and competence and thereby a more reflexive approach and readiness to create a health-promoting workplace from being part of a development project. The implications are that managers in SSEs need to exchange experiences and discuss workplace health issues with other managers in networks. It is also important that occupational health services and social and welfare organizations use tailor-made models and strategies for supporting SSEs.

  • Ericson Jogsten, Ingrid
    et al.
    Utförare miljöövervakning, Universitet, Örebro universitet, Örebro universitet, forskningscentrum människa teknik miljö, MTM.
    Yeung, Leo
    Utförare miljöövervakning, Universitet, Örebro universitet, Örebro universitet, forskningscentrum människa teknik miljö, MTM.
    Analysis of ultra-short chain perfluoroalkyl substances in Swedish environmental waters2017Rapport (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the environmental occurrence of ultra-short chain perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in Swedish water samples. So far established protocols have focused on measuring PFASs with a carbon chain length of four or more carbons. In this study, perfluoroalkyl sulfonates of chain lengths of two, perfluoroethane sulfonate (PFEtS), and three, perfluoropropane sulfonate (PFPrS), carbons have been measured using a newly established instrumental method employing supercritical fluid separation (SFC) coupled to tandem mass spectrometry detection.

    A total of 26 samples were analysed, including ground water, surface water, rain water and snow. The sample locations included military and civilian airports, a former hard chromium plating facility, the vicinity of a hazardous waste management facility and background areas (lake surface water, rain and snow). Results show that both PFPrS and PFEtS could be detected in environmental samples using SFC separation coupled to triple quadrupole detection. Out of the 26 samples analysed, the ultra-short-chain PFPrS could be detected and quantified in 22 samples. The concentrations for PFPrS in all the samples ranged between 0.93 ng/l to 39 000 ng/l. The ultra-short-chain PFPEtS could be quantified in all of the 26 samples, with a concentration range between 0.07 and 5 700 ng/l. The highest concentrations represents highly contaminated ground water samples collected from a military airport. In the samples, PFPrS had a relative contribution to total PFAS concentration of 6 and 10 %, indicating the importance of measuring these compounds in environmental samples.

  • Thomas, Manu
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    Typical meteorological conditions associated with extreme nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution events over Scandinavia2017Inngår i: Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, ISSN 1680-7316, E-ISSN 1680-7324, Vol. 17, nr 19, 12071-12080 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
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    Örebro universitet, Handelshögskolan vid Örebro Universitet. Institutionen för Nationalekonomi, Högskolan Dalarna, Falun, Sweden.
    Does Gibrat’s Law hold for Swedish energy firms?2015Inngår i: Empirical Economics, ISSN 0377-7332, E-ISSN 1435-8921, Vol. 49, nr 2, 659-674 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Gibrat's law predicts that firm growth is purely random and should be independent of firm size. We use a random effects-random coefficient model to test whether Gibrat's law holds on average in the studied sample as well as at the individual firm level in the Swedish energy market. No study has yet investigated whether Gibrat's law holds for individual firms, previous studies having instead estimated whether the law holds on average in the samples studied. The present results support the claim that Gibrat's law is more likely to be rejected ex ante when an entire firm population is considered, but more likely to be confirmed ex post after market selection has "cleaned" the original population of firms or when the analysis treats more disaggregated data. From a theoretical perspective, the results are consistent with models based on passive and active learning, indicating a steady state in the firm expansion process and that Gibrat's law is violated in the short term but holds in the long term once firms have reached a steady state. These results indicate that approximately 70 % of firms in the Swedish energy sector are in steady state, with only random fluctuations in size around that level over the 15 studied years.

  • Kahnert, Michael
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  • Disputas: 2017-12-06 10:00 Magnélisalen, Kemiska övningslaboratoriet, Stockholm
    Svengren, Henrik
    Stockholms universitet, Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten, Institutionen för material- och miljökemi (MMK).
    Water splitting by heterogeneous catalysis2017Doktoravhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    A sustainable solution for meeting the energy demands at our planet is by utilizing wind-, solar-, wave-, thermal-, biomass- and hydroelectric power. These renewable and CO2 emission-free energy sources are highly variable in terms of spatial and temporal availability over the Earth, introducing the need for an appropriate method of storing and carrying energy. Hydrogen has gained significant attention as an energy storage- and carrier media because of the high energy density that is exploited within the ‘power-to-gas’ process chain. A robust way of producing sustainable hydrogen is via electrochemical water splitting.

    In this work the search for new heterogeneous catalyst materials with the aim of increasing energy efficiency in water splitting has involved methods of both electrochemical water splitting and chemical water oxidation. Some 21 compounds including metal- oxides, oxofluorides, oxochlorides, hydroxide and metals have been evaluated as catalysts. Two of these were synthesized directly onto conductive backbones by hydrothermal methods. Dedicated electrochemical cells were constructed for appropriate analysis of reactions, with one cell simulating an upscale unit accounting for realistic large scale applications; in this cell gaseous products are quantified by use of mass spectrometry. Parameters such as real time faradaic efficiency, production of H2 and O2 in relation to power input or overpotentials, Tafel slopes, exchange current density and electrochemical active surface area as well as turnover numbers and turnover frequencies have been evaluated.

    Solubility, possible side reactions, the role of the oxidation state of catalytically active elements and the nature of the outermost active surface layer of the catalyst are discussed. It was concluded that metal oxides are less efficient than metal based catalysts, both in terms of energy efficiency and in terms of electrode preparation methods intended for long time operation. The most efficient material was Ni-Fe hydroxide electrodeposited onto Ni metal foam as conductive backbone. Among the other catalysts, Co3Sb4O6F6 was of particular interest because the compound incorporate a metalloid (Sb) and redox inert F and yet show pronounced catalytic performance.

    In addition, performance of materials in water splitting catalysis has been discussed on the basis of results from electron microscopy, solubility experiments and X-ray diffraction data.

  • Goldkuhl, Lena
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    Luleå tekniska universitet, Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser, Arkitektur och vatten.
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    How to achieve cross-functional, collaborative stormwater planning?: A multiple-case study of Swedish municipalities2017Inngår i: Proceedings of EtW2017, 2017Konferansepaper (Fagfellevurdert)
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    Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH).
    Eklund, Johan
    Högskolan i Jönköping, Internationella Handelshögskolan, IHH, Nationalekonomi. Högskolan i Jönköping, Internationella Handelshögskolan, IHH, Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership (CeFEO). Entreprenörskapsforum.
    Henrekson, Magnus
    Institutet för Näringslivsforskning (IFN).
    Kreicbergs, Johan
    Kreicbergs Utredning & Opinion.
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    Skatterna och entreprenörskapet: Företagsbyggande, optioner och tillväxt2017Rapport (Annet vitenskapelig)
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    Luleå tekniska universitet, Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser, Kemiteknik.
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    Tuning of the Carbon-to-Nitrogen Ratio for the Production of L-Arginine by Escherichia coli2017Inngår i: Fermentation, ISSN 2311-5637, Vol. 3, nr 4, 60Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    L-arginine, an amino acid with a growing range of applications within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and agricultural industries, can be produced by microbial fermentation. Although it is the most nitrogen-rich amino acid, reports on the nitrogen supply for its fermentation are scarce. In this study, the nitrogen supply for the production of l-arginine by a genetically modified Escherichia coli strain was optimised in bioreactors. Different nitrogen sources were screened and ammonia solution, ammonium sulphate, ammonium phosphate dibasic, and ammonium chloride were the most favourable nitrogen sources for l-arginine synthesis. The key role of the C/N ratio for l-arginine production was demonstrated for the first time. The optimal C/N molar ratio to maximise l-arginine production while minimising nitrogen waste was found to be 6, yielding approximately 2.25 g/L of l-arginine from 15 g/L glucose with a productivity of around 0.11 g/L/h. Glucose and ammonium ion were simultaneously utilized, showing that this ratio provided a well-balanced equilibrium between carbon and nitrogen metabolisms.

  • Glubokov, Oleksandr
    et al.
    KTH, Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES), Mikro- och nanosystemteknik. KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
    Xinghai, Zhao
    KTH, Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES), Mikro- och nanosystemteknik. KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
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    Micromachined Multilayer Bandpass Filter at 270 GHz Using Dual-Mode Circular Cavities2017Inngår i: 2017 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, IEEE conference proceedings, 2017Konferansepaper (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    In this paper, we present a microfabricated fourth-order sub-THz WR-3.4 bandpass waveguide filter based on TM110 dual-mode circular-shaped cavity resonators. The filter operates at the center frequency of 270 GHz with fractional bandwidth of 1.85% and two transmission zeros are introduced in the upper and in the lower stopband using a virtual negative coupling. The microchip filter is significantly more compact than any previous dual-mode designs at comparable frequencies, occupying less than 1.5 mm2. Furthermore, in contrast to any previous micromachined filter work, due to its axially arranged interfaces it can be directly inserted between two standard WR-3.4 rectangular-waveguide flanges, which vastly improves system integration as compared to previous micromachined filters; in particular no custom-made split-block design is required. The cavities are etched in the handle layer of a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer, and coupling is realized through rectangular slots fabricated in the SOI device layer. Couplings of the degenerate modes in one cavity are facilitated by means of small perturbations in the circular cavity shapes. The measured average return loss in the passband is –18 dB and worst-case return loss is –15 dB, and an insertion loss of only 1.5 dB was measured. The excellent agreement between measured and simulated data is facilitated by fabrication accuracy, design robustness and micromachined self-alignment geometries.

  • Zhang, Zhiliang
    et al.
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Geovetenskapliga sektionen, Institutionen för geovetenskaper, Paleobiologi. Northwest University, Xi’an.
    Zhang, Zhifei
    Northwest University, Xi’an.
    Holmer, Lars E.
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Geovetenskapliga sektionen, Institutionen för geovetenskaper, Paleobiologi. Northwest University, Xi’an.
    Chen, Feiyang
    Northwest University, Xi’an.
    Post-metamorphic allometry in the earliest acrotretoid brachiopods from the lower Cambrian (Series 2) of South China, and its implications2017Inngår i: Palaeontology, ISSN 0031-0239, E-ISSN 1475-4983Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    The earliest growth of post-metamorphic (post-larval) shells in two species of Eohadrotreta is described from the Cambrian Shuijingtuo Formation of South China. Two different growth patterns can be observed by quantifying developmental variations in size and shape of successive stages of post-metamorphic shell growth (including the pedicle foramen forming stage, pedicle foramen enclosing stage and intertrough increasing stage) of Eohadrotreta zhenbaensis and Eohadrotreta? zhujiahensis. The pedicle foramen is never enclosed within the metamorphic shell of E. zhenbaensis, while the enclosed pedicle foramen of E.? zhujiahensis is located directly outside the metamorphic shell after the pedicle foramen enclosing stage. A strongly allometric growth pattern of E. zhenbaensis is demonstrated by the early enclosure of the pedicle foramen; an accelerated lengthening of the ventral intertrough is associated with the development of a more complex dorsal median septum during the intertrough increasing stage. By contrast, E.? zhujiahensis demonstrates possible paedomorphic development by delayed enclosure of pedicle foramen and an associated decreased lengthening of ventral intertrough during the intertrough increasing stage. This ontogenetic developmental sequence represents the marginal accretionary formation and growth of the pedicle foramen, which resembles that of linguloid brachiopods. Furthermore, the developmental process of the pedicle foramen of Eohadrotreta seems to recapitulate the likely evolutionary transition from the Botsfordiidae, with open delthyrium, to the Acrotheloidea, with an enclosed foramen. This study provides a unique opportunity to obtain a complete understanding of the ontogenetic development of the earliest acrotretoids, and casts new light on the phylogeny of lingulate brachiopods.

  • Björktomta, Siv-Britt
    et al.
    Uppsala universitet, Humanistisk-samhällsvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Sociologiska institutionen.
    Aarum Hansen, Heidi
    Högskolan i Östfold, Fredrikstad.
    Digital Society: the tension between child protection and children’s agency2017Inngår i: Navigating Knowledge Landscapes' 1st International Conference on Health and Person-Centered Care in Digital Society Proceedings of the Conference / [ed] Anna Lydia Svalastog och Srećko Gajović, 2017, 11-12 s.Konferansepaper (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [sv]

    Socialtjänsten står inför nya utmaningar i den digitala tidsåldern

    Den digitala tidsåldern med en ökande användning av internet och sociala medier medför nya utmaningar för socialt arbete, och i synnerhet för socialtjänstens arbete med barn och ungdomar. Internetvärldens sociala dynamik behöver finnas med när samhället drar upp riktlinjer och socialtjänsten utvecklar arbetssätt kring barns- och ungas psykosociala hälsa.

    I dag har nära häften av svenska nioåringar tillgång till en surfplatta och fem procent av ettåringarna är dagligen ute på internet. Det är de unga som i högre grad lägger ut texter, bilder, och videos som de själva producerat.  Det är också de unga som är mest aktiva på olika sociala nätverk där de interagerar (samspelar) med både vänner, bekanta och främlingar; inom närområdet men också nationellt och även globalt. Aktiviteterna på internet har många positiva sidor (aspekter) och dagens föräldrar är överlag engagerade i sina barns vardag och har en insikt i sin barns internetanvändning. Samtidigt visar forskning att ett stort antal föräldrar har liten eller ingen kunskap om vad deras barn gör ute på nätet och att många föräldrar underskattar de risker barnen utsätts för online/på nätet.

    Gruppen unga som befinner sig i en riskzon på nätet sammanfaller till stor del med de unga som överlag lever i olika utsatta livssituationer, t.ex. med föräldrar som missbrukar, har psykisk ohälsa eller är arbetslösa. Det kan även vara barn som är utsatta över våld och/eller sexuella övergrepp. I socialtjänstlagen poängteras barns delaktighet i alla beslut som rör deras liv. Detta innebär att socialarbetaren behöver samtala med barn, öga mot öga, för att få del av deras synpunkter när besluta ska fattas.

    I dag behärskar många barn och unga internet och sociala medier bättre än vuxenvärlden. I en kommande studie undersöker Aarum Hansen och Björktomta hur socialtjänsten med hjälp av internet och sociala medier kan utveckla nya metoder för att ge stöd åt unga men också utveckla skydd för barn i riskzonen.

  • Zdanowicz, Christian
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    The signature of the large 2015-16 winter storms in Svalbard snowpacks2017Konferansepaper (Annet vitenskapelig)
  • Kitek Kuzman, Manja
    et al.
    University of Ljubljana, Wood Science and Technology.
    Sandberg, Dick
    Luleå tekniska universitet, Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik, Träteknik.
    Current trends and future directions for multi-storey timber buildings2017Inngår i: Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers ( MASE) 17th International Symposium, 4-7 Sept. 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia: Book of abstracts, Ohrid: Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers , 2017, 205-215 s.Konferansepaper (Fagfellevurdert)
  • Disputas: 2017-12-14 10:00
    Pilthammar, Johan
    Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Fakulteten för teknikvetenskaper, Institutionen för maskinteknik.
    Elastic Press and Die Deformations in Sheet Metal Forming Simulations 2017Licentiatavhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    Never before has the car industry been as challenging, interesting, and demanding as it is today. New and advanced techniques are being continuously introduced, which has led to increasing competition in an almost ever-expanding car market. As the pace and complexity heightens in the car market, manufacturing processes must advance at an equal speed.

    An important manufacturing process within the automotive industry, and the focus of this thesis, is sheet metal forming (SMF). Sheet metal forming is used to create door panels, structural beams, and trunk lids, among other parts, by forming sheets of metal in press lines with stamping dies. The SMF process has been simulated for the past couple of decades with finite element (FE) simulations, whereby one can predict factors such as shape, strains, thickness, springback, risk of failure, and wrinkles. A factor that most SMF simulations do not currently include is the die and press elasticity. This factor is handled manually during the die tryout phase, which is often long and expensive.

    The importance of accurately representing press and die elasticity in SMF simulations is the focus of this research project. The research objective is to achieve virtual tryout and improved production support through SMF simulations that consider elastic die and press deformations. Loading a die with production forces and including the deformations in SMF simulations achieves a reliable result. It is impossible to achieve accurate simulation results without including the die deformations.

    This thesis also describes numerical methods for optimizing and compensating tool surfaces against press and die deformations. In order for these compensations to be valid, it is imperative to accurately represent dies and presses. A method of measuring and inverse modeling the elasticity of a press table has been developed and is based on digital image correlation (DIC) measurements and structural optimization with FE software.

    Optimization, structural analysis, and SMF simulations together with experimental measurements have immense potential to improve simulation results and significantly reduce the lead time of stamping dies. Last but not least, improved production support and die design are other areas that can benefit from these tools.

  • Öhman, Peter
    et al.
    Avdelningen för ekonomivetenskap och juridik, Mittuniversitetet, Östersund, Sweden.
    Carrington, Thomas
    Uppsala universitet, Uppsala, Sweden.
    Johansson, Tobias
    Örebro universitet, Handelshögskolan vid Örebro Universitet.
    Johed, Gustav
    Stockholms universitet, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Professionalism och kommersialism bland revisorer2014Rapport (Annet (populærvitenskap, debatt, mm))
  • Eriksson, G
    et al.
    RISE., Swedish ICT, Viktoria.
    Rudmark, D
    RISE., Swedish ICT, Viktoria.
    Skapa Värde med Öppna Data - ett Tjänsteperspektiv2014Rapport (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    Allt fler offentliga myndigheter står inför eller har delvis genomfört tillängliggörande av interna data till allmänheten - s.k. öppna data. Detta förväntas leda till nya innovativa tjänster utvecklade av intermediärer - tredjepartsutvecklare. För att stimulera sådana utvecklingsaktiviteter behöver de öppna datakällorna skapa värde för tredjepartsutvecklare. Det projekt, i vilken denna rapport är en slutredovisning, har tagit fram verktyg för att mäta tredjepartsutvecklares upplevda värde av Trafikverkets öppna data.

    Arbetet med att identifiera hur en organisation kan skapa värde med öppna datatjänster vägledde projektet till att undersöka existerande forsk- ning och erfarenhet om hur värde skapas inom tjänstesektorn. Rapporten presenterar sex områden vilka skapar värde för tredjepartsutvecklare av Trafikverkets öppna datatjänster.

    • Dataformat
    • Dataupplösning
    • Förädling av tjänsteinnehåll
    • Support och kundbehov
    • Kundrelation och partnerskap
    • Öppenhet och transparens

    Projektet genomförde djupintervjuer med tredjepartsutvecklare som visar på behov och synpunkter på hur Trafikverket kan skapa ett ökat värde med öppna datatjänster.

  • Edvinsson, Marie
    et al.
    Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Infektionssjukdomar.
    Tallkvist, Jonas
    Swedish Univ Agr Sci, Dept Biomed Sci & Vet Publ Hlth, Uppsala, Sweden..
    Nyström-Rosander, Christina
    Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Infektionssjukdomar.
    Ilbäck, Nils-Gunnar
    Uppsala universitet, Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, Medicinska fakulteten, Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Infektionssjukdomar. Natl Food Agcy, Risk Benefit Assessment Dept, Uppsala, Sweden..
    Iron Homeostasis in Tissues Is Affected during Persistent Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection in Mice2017Inngår i: BioMed Research International, ISSN 2314-6133, E-ISSN 2314-6141, 3642301Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    Chlamydia pneumoniae (C. pneumoniae) may be a mediator in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. For its growth C. pneumoniae depends on iron (Fe), but how Fe changes in tissues during persistent infection or affects bacterial replication in tissues is unknown. C. pneumoniae-infected C57BL/6J mice were sacrificed on days 4, 8, 20, and 40. Mice had bacteria in the lungs and liver on all days. Inflammatory markers, chemokine Cxcl2 and interferon-gamma, were not affected in the liver on day 40. The copper (Cu)/zinc (Zn) ratio in serum, another marker of infection/inflammation, increased on day 4 and tended to increase again on day 40. The Fe markers, transferrin receptor (TfR), Hepcidin (Hamp1), and ferroportin 1 (Fpn1), increased in the liver on day 4 and then normalized except for TfR that tended to decrease. TfR responses were similar to Fe in serum that increased on day 4 but tended to decrease thereafter. In the liver, Fe was increased on day 4 and also on day 40. The reappearing increases in Cu/Zn on day 40 concomitant with the increase in liver Fe on day 40, even though TfR tended to decrease, and the fact that viable C. pneumoniae was present in the lungs and liver may indicate the early phase of activation of recurrent infection.

  • Sjöberg, Susanne
    Stockholms universitet, Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten, Institutionen för geologiska vetenskaper.
    Microbially mediated formation of birnessite-type manganese oxides and subsequent incorporation of rare earth elements, Ytterby mine, Sweden2017Licentiatavhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    Microbes exert extensive control on redox element cycles. They participate directly orindirectly in the concentration and fractionation of elements by influencing the partitioningbetween soluble and insoluble species. Putative microbially mediated manganese (Mn) oxidesof the birnessite-type, enriched in rare earth elements (REE) + yttrium (Y) were recentlyfound in the Ytterby mine, Sweden. A poorly crystalline birnessite-type phyllomanganate isregarded as the predominant initial phase formed during microbial Mn oxidation. Owing to ahigher specific surface area, this biomineral also enhances the known sorption property of Mnoxides with respect to heavy metals (e.g. REE) and therefore has considerable environmentalimpact.The concentration of REE + Y (2±0.5% of total mass, excluding oxygen, carbon and silicon)in the Ytterby Mn oxide deposit is among the highest ever observed in secondary precipitateswith Mn and/or iron. Sequential extraction provides evidence of a mineral structure where theREE+Y are firmly included, even at pH as low as 1.5. Concentration ratios of Mn oxideprecipitates to fracture water indicate a strong preference for the trivalent REE+Y overdivalent and monovalent metals. A culture independent molecular phylogenetic approach wasadopted as a first step to analyze the processes that microbes mediate in this environment andspecifically how the microbial communities interact with the Mn oxides. Plausible players inthe formation of the investigated birnessite-type Mn oxides are mainly found within theferromanganese genera Hyphomicrobium and Pedomicrobium and a newly identified YtterbyBacteroidetes cluster most closely related to the Terrimonas. Data also indicate that thedetected microorganisms are related to the environmental constraints of the site including lowconstant temperature (8°C), absence of light, high metal content and possibly proximity to theformer storage of petroleum products.

  • Laitila, Thomas
    et al.
    Örebro universitet, Handelshögskolan vid Örebro Universitet.
    Lundgren, Marie
    Institutionen för handel och företagande, Högskolan i Skövde, Sweden.
    Olsson, Michael
    Institutionen för handel och företagande, Högskolan i Skövde, Sweden.
    Commuting and the Economic Milieu: An Investigation of the Choice to Commute Related to Labor Demand, Worker Competition and Wage2015Inngår i: Regional Development in an International Context: Regional, National, Cross Border and International Factors for Growth and Development / [ed] Iréne Bernhard, Trollhättan: University West , 2015, 369-380 s.Konferansepaper (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    We calculate aggregate economic-milieu variables and use them as explanatory variables to study the Swedish commuting pattern. The variables are of accessibility type (i.e. spatially discounted) and are logarithmic ratios. We start from the assumption of utility maximizing individuals. The probability to commute using a link increases with expected utility. We apply two models: the quantity model and the wage model. The explanatory power is high and the results are as expected. Labor demand is positively related to utility. Worker competition is negatively related to utility. Wage is positively related to utility. A municipality, which isnot a regional center, can strive to increase the number of jobs within the municipality. The second best, for such a municipality, is that jobs are available in the municipality that is the regional center. Otherwise, the municipality and region will economically decline.

  • Boeije, M. F. J.
    et al.
    Delft Univ Technol, Fundamental Aspects Mat & Energy, Fac Sci Appl, Mekelweg 15, NL-2629 JB Delft, Netherlands..
    Delczeg-Czirjak, Erna Krisztina
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Fysiska sektionen, Institutionen för fysik och astronomi, Materialteori.
    van Dijk, N. H.
    Delft Univ Technol, Fundamental Aspects Mat & Energy, Fac Sci Appl, Mekelweg 15, NL-2629 JB Delft, Netherlands..
    Eriksson, Olle
    Uppsala universitet, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Fysiska sektionen, Institutionen för fysik och astronomi, Materialteori.
    Bruck, E.
    Delft Univ Technol, Fundamental Aspects Mat & Energy, Fac Sci Appl, Mekelweg 15, NL-2629 JB Delft, Netherlands..
    On the phase stability of CaCu5-type compounds2017Inngår i: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, ISSN 0925-8388, E-ISSN 1873-4669, Vol. 722, 549-554 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    We present a hybrid method to inspect the phase stability of compounds having a CaCu5-type crystal structure. This is done using 2D stability plots using the Miedema parameters that are based on the work function and electron density of the constituent elements. Stable compounds are separated from unstable binary compounds, with a probability of 94%. For stable compounds, a linear relation is found, showing a constant ratio of charge transfer and electron density mismatch. DFT calculations show the same trend. Elements from the s, d, f-block are all reliably represented, elements from the p-block are still challenging.

  • Anyadike-Danes, Michael
    et al.
    Aston Business School and Enterprise Research Centre, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
    Bjuggren, Carl Magnus
    Nationalekonomi, Linköpings universitet, Linköping, Sweden.
    Gottschalk, Sandra
    ZEW, Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim, Germany.
    Hölzl, Werner
    WIFO, Institute of Economic Research, Vienna, Austria.
    Johansson, Dan
    HUI Research, Stockholm, Sweden; Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden.
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    , ETLA - Research Institute of the Finnish Economy Research projects, Helsinki, Finland; University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland.
    Myrann, Anja
    Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, v, Norway.
    Accounting for Job Growth: Disentangling Size and Age Effects in an International Cohort Comparison2013Rapport (Annet vitenskapelig)
    Abstract [en]

    The contribution of different-sized businesses to job creation continues to attract policymakers’ attention, however, it has recently been recognized that conclusions about size were confounded with the effect of age. We probe the role of size, controlling for age, by comparing the cohorts of firms born in 1998 over their first decade of life, using variation across half a dozen northern European countries Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UK to pin down the effects. We find that a very small proportion of the smallest firms play a crucial role in accounting for cross-country differences in job growth.

  • Wikborg, Jonas
    Uppsala universitet, Humanistisk-samhällsvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten, Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia.
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  • Erixson, Oscar
    Uppsala universitet, Humanistisk-samhällsvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Nationalekonomiska institutionen, UCFS. Res Inst Ind Econ IFN, S-10401 Stockholm, Sweden..
    Health responses to a wealth shock: evidence from a Swedish tax reform2017Inngår i: Journal of Population Economics, ISSN 0933-1433, E-ISSN 1432-1475, Vol. 30, nr 4, 1281-1336 s.Artikkel i tidsskrift (Fagfellevurdert)
    Abstract [en]

    This paper makes two contributions to the literature on the effects of wealth on health. First, it deals with reverse causality and omitted variable bias by exploiting exogenous variation in inherited wealth generated by the repeal of the Swedish inheritance tax. Second, it analyzes responses in health outcomes through the use of administrative registers. The results show that increased wealth has limited short to medium run impacts on objective adult health. This is in line with what has previously been reported in the literature.

  • Isendahl, Christian
    Uppsala universitet, Humanistisk-samhällsvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet, Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten, Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia, Afrikansk och jämförande arkeologi.
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