Help with searching - Advanced search

All words - finds documents that contain all the words
Any of the words - finds documents that contain at least one of the words
None of the words - finds documents where none of the words are present
As a phrase - searches for all the words in the order you have written them.

You can choose to search all fields or limit your search e.g. to the title, author or journal.

By choosing Only documents with fulltext in DiVA you limit your search to those publications that can be downloaded in fulltext.

Click on Clear if you want to empty the form.

To narrow your search even more

Search between years: Search for publications published during a certain period e.g. from 2005 to 2008. To search for one specific year, write the same year in both boxes.

University: Search only through those publications from a specific university or college. Select from the drop-down list.

Publication type: Limit your search to specific kinds of publications. For example if you want to search among doctoral theses, remove the ticks from the other kinds of publications. It is easiest to click on Unmark all and then select Doctoral thesis.

Content: Search only through publications with a specific kind of content.
Refereed: the publicationʼs academic content has been checked by independent referees and the article has been accepted for publication.
Other academic: the publicationʼs content is academic and it is intended for the academic community but it has not been refereed.
Other (popular science, discussion, etc.): the publicationʼs content is academic but the audience is the general public. Discussion articles are included in this group.